Visualize entire Portfolio Backlog on a virtual board.

A Jira add-on for scaled agile teams, Tribo enables visualisation of multi-team backlog and plan.

Where Tribo can help

Portfolio/Program Planning

Use Tribo to connect Portfolio to Strategy during PI/Big Room planning with multiple teams. Start with aligning planning objective with program vision & strategy, moving onto individual team planning, team breakout discussions, and finishing it off with end-to-end cross-team planning and aligning dependencies.

Program Execution

Track progress on Epics, Stories, and Releases with other teams by visualizing the portfolio’s current state during Portfolio Syncs and Scrum of Scrums. Evolve a plan in line with the vision to address the changing business context and ensure a smooth transition of cross-product epics through the portfolio flow.

Team Ceremonies

Unlike traditional rigid virtual/physical boards, Tribo has dynamic swimlanes and columns to cater to a multitude of discussions ranging from Epic and Story Prioritization, Sprint Planning, and Daily Standups.quickly reveal the slippages and roadblocks.

Key Features

Multiple Teams, Sprints, and Releases

Work with one or more Scrum and Kanban boards, Sprints, and Releases on the board.


Address dependencies on the board for easy alignment.

Coloured Cards

Use Jira filters to colour code the cards on the board. Even add JQLs on the spot to colour code the tickets.

Design your board

Select swimlanes and columns on the board to change the view in real-time.

Group Sprints and more

Teams typically have different sprint-names, workflows, and priorities set-up in Jira. Group sprints and other fields to get the consolidated view.

Board, Swimlane, and Column Summary

Get real-time summary(number of cards and total story points) for Board, Swimlanes, and Columns.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop cards between columns while planning, and Tribo will save the changes real-time, updating the column totals, and re-drawing the dependencies.

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